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Three values are essential to ensuring the success of our library: Funding, Access and Relevancy.  Please watch this quick video of my interview with the Patch last year to hear why I am running for Library Trustee!

Funding: Proper funding is critical to maintain daily operations and ensure the success of our Library for generations to come.  During these difficult economic times we have to be more innovative, efficient and creative with our resources.  As an Aide to a State Senator, I assist cities and towns every day to apply for federal and state resources that expand access to crucial community programs.  As Library Trustee I plan to utilize my experience to effectively manage our resources to benefit our Library and ensure its proper funding.

Access:  Expanding accessibility to our Library is a priority for me.  One extremely important strategy for expanding access is by expanding hours during the summer months to seven days per week.  I have been a vocal advocate for this during my candidacy last year for Trustee as well as in Town Meeting.

Access to me also means providing the resources to overcome obstacles to reading and learning. From childhood all the way to law school, I struggled with an undiagnosed learning disability. Partly because of the tools and the resources available to me through the library, I was able to succeed despite the odds, earning a scholarship to law school and serving as Editor of a top law journal.  We should invest in the best available tools to make reading and learning accessible to all residents including seniors, the learning disabled and those who are unable to afford these resources.

Relevancy:  In today's internet age, many people question why we need a library when information can be found easily online.  In my view, however, the Library does far more for Brookline than simply warehouse books.  It is a  a hub of social and educational activity, and a strong pillar for the exchange of ideas and emphasis on education that make Brookline such a vibrant community..  

However, in order to keep our Library relevant, we must continue to fully embrace the role of technology.  More than just investing in new technology, I am a strong supporter of   improving staff training to assist residents in navigating the new technological landscape. In addition, as it comes time to hire new staff for the library, it is incumbent on us to identify librarians that have a clear vision for maintaining technological and cultural relevancy for the library.

Committee to Elect Puja Mehta
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