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Gary Jones Letter to the Editor

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Brookline —I’m endorsing Puja Mehta for Brookline library trustee for a three-year term at the town election on April 30.Her campaign for library trustee last year, which she barely lost, showed us all her tremendous energy and spirit. She campaigned last year in support of keeping the Coolidge Corner Branch Library open on Sunday during the summer. She won her race last year for Town Meeting member, and as a Town Meeting member, voted to appropriate the funds to keep Coolidge Corner open on Sunday. The same Town Meeting, the chair of the Brookline library board, speaking for a majority of the board, tried to convince Town Meeting members not to do so. Puja won that one, and Town Meeting overwhelmingly supported keeping the library open.  The library was open last summer on Sunday, and Puja’s support shows she recognizes our libraries are here to serve the public. All around us communities are closing their branches or cutting back on their hours. Thanks to Town Meeting, we are the only community increasing our hours. A record to be proud of, but it came about through political struggle.Puja has been an effective advocate for seven-day accessibility, has fundraising experience for the benefit of the Brookline libraries, and has shown a steadfast commitment to Brookline libraries. Professionally, she has proven experience identifying innovative, cost effective funding for municipalities. This will be a tremendous asset for the board. As a young mother, she understands the important impact the library has on our children, and yet she understands how the library serves both the young and old. Puja embodies the diversity Brookline lacks on its elected boards and officers. Her hard work, experience, energy and enthusiasm impress me. Puja Mehta’s election as a trustee will continue a tradition of dedication and work on behalf of the library users in Brookline. 

‚Äč— Gary Jones, Brookline library trustee, TMM Precinct 3

Committee to Elect Puja Mehta
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